• Toni Kenyon

Gratitude is so much more than simply saying, “Thank you”

It’s been my experience that gratitude is so much more than simply saying, “thank you”. Gratitude has, quite simply, changed my entire outlook on life. It’s opened my heart to new and wonderful experiences and that’s why, as a recovering alcoholic, I try so hard to practice gratitude every day.

The overwhelming feeling of gratitude that I have today for my sober life is so far away from the black hole I was living in when I struggled with my addiction.

Living in gratitude is like living in the sunlight of the spirit.

Real magic happens when I turn my gratitude into an action--when I’m able to spread the light and bring a smile to the face of someone else.

Gratitude for me is about connection--something that was sorely lacking in the disconnected state I lived in when I was struggling with my addiction.

Whether that connection is to another human being, a pet, nature or simply my own Higher Power, practicing gratitude always reminds me that I am never alone and that (on some level) I’m a servant of humanity and the universe.

Living my life with gratitude has helped me to find balance. Practicing gratitude (for me) hones my focus and brings me back to the day and the moment. Living in the moment has always been an issue for me and sitting and writing a gratitude list is the fastest way for me to “count my blessings” and settle my mind back in my day.

It’s almost impossible for me to feel lousy, sit in my own resentments (manufactured or otherwise) and practice gratitude.

Try it.

You may find that writing out a list of ten things that you’re grateful for today lifts your negative mood, paints a smile on your face and prompts you to do something wonderful for yourself, or someone else you love.

Yours in love & gratitude,

Toni xxx

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