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Late Winter 2021 Garden & Hoophouse Tour

It's very early spring as I post this on the blog.

I like to take video of the garden to document it as much for myself as anyone else. The seasons change so quickly and when I'm living in the middle of them, I don't feel as if anything much is happening.

All of a sudden, seed planing time will be upon me and I'll have forgotten about the 'quiet' time in the garden over the winter months.

I posted to Social Media last week about a quick salad that I’d made. I just dashed out into the garden threw some ingredients into a bowl and dressed the salad with a quick fire cider dressing.

I’ve had a lot of response to that post, so I thought I could show you where I go to grab those ingredients from the garden and the hoop house.

The garden, to me, looks quite bare in winter but there is still an awful lot that I’m able to harvest.

So, come walk with me in my late winter garden.

Love & Lettuce,

Toni xxx


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