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My Bucket Compost Method

Compost in a bucket

I've written before about composting in small spaces, but my bucket compost method is one that I come back to often.

I love it because it's simple, it makes great liquid feed if you keep a lid off the compost and let the rain do its job and it's a 'gateway' to learning how to compost.

Weeds sitting in little buckets around the garden may seem like a strange idea, but for me, they create small pockets of nutrition as the dreaded 'kikuyu grass' dies.

This method works with water in the winter and very well without water in the summer.

In summer, the grass dries out and becomes a wonderful hay-like mulch that I can spread around the garden without any fear that the grass will re-sprout.

Check out the video below.

I don't take you over to my large composting bays in the video--but if you're interested in having a look at my large composting system, then check out my 9 best tips for easy compost here.

I'm absolutely adamant that everyone should have a system for making sure that compostable waste does not leave their home or section. Even if you live in an apartment, there's a waste recycling system designed for you.

Start small, learn an easy system and then allow that system to organically grow--sorry about the pun--(not really sorry!)

Love & lettuce,



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