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Magic in putting pen to paper

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I say it over and over again and I will continue to say it until I draw my last breath...

There is magic in putting pen to paper.

Something about the connection of brain, to hand, to flow of words on paper, activates some kind of magical transformation.

Moving words, ideas and thoughts from the deepest recesses of my mind to the page creates flow in my life. It unblocks whatever is holding me back.

Occasionally, I'm reluctant to come to the page, usually because I know that I'm hiding something from myself. When I am in enough pain and, when I (eventually) get to the page, I know whatever it is will come 'tumbling out' and I will get immediate relief.

Peace will return.

All will be well in my world.

Writing has been my therapy for years.

I was that girl who had a tiny, colourful diary with a lock on the front. I can still see it now, a little girl in a green dress with a pink bonnet. The pages were pink and pale green and yellow and they were so inviting. This was somewhere special where I could write all my thoughts and fears and somewhere I could feel safe expressing myself as I learned how to navigate the world.

Nothing much has changed in the intervening years. I have a notebook sitting beside me with a black cat and a tree on the front. It has yellow and pink and off white pages...

I also have a small hoard of notebooks that have never been opened...but that's another post for another day!

Over the years, I've learned how to type and I've messed around with typing out my thoughts.

Then computers came along and I learned I could store my words electronically.

But I've come full circle.

Nothing beats being able to get in flow and allow the tip of an ink filled pen to flow across paper.

I love colour and sparkles and stickers...I'm a great candidate for a Bullet Journal, but I eventually found my way (via recovery) to my Passion Pulse and I love it. When I want to free-write, or express more ideas than I can fit inside of my Passion Pulse, I simply add pages to my binder and treat them the same way anyone else treats a Bullet Journal.

I truly believe that without the ability to journal and use pen and paper to make sense of my world, I would not be sitting here--albeit at my computer...typing!

Try it.

You never know where the written word can take you.

Yours in love & gratitude,

Toni xx

PS: If you want to find out more about my Passion Pulse you can check it out here

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