• Toni Kenyon

Wonderful Wednesday & flying umbrellas

Wonderful Wednesday:

Sometimes it's hard when you're feeling as if the world is crashing in on you to find the wonder in the world.

That's why practising gratitude is so important to me.

There was a gust of wind here the other day and it lifted an umbrella into the air. This little umbrella caused such a stir...laughter echoed all around as something that's not supposed to fly took flight.

The simple (and unexpected) act of flight by this little umbrella made me step outside into the garden and that action brought a smile to my face and lifted my spirits. That chain of events wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been curious.

What does curiosity have to do with this?

Let me explain:

I was told to "stay curious," when I was first getting sober. That was a hard thing to do at the time. I was digging myself out of a hole of black depression and self-centredness that I’d been living in for such a long time and I didn't understand what I was being told to do.

Now I understand!

Being curious means that I have to constantly look outside of myself. It means I have to take notice of the little things. “God is in the details,” I was also told.

You should all know by now that I use the word God generically. Please insert, whatever your version of the word is for God...

So, God was having a laugh. Playing with a little umbrella and bringing joy to a handful of people who were watching.

The flight that little umbrella took brought some light relief into what was being a difficult day for me. It brightened my mood and I was grateful for the reminder that it’s not all about me.

Remember to look for a little thing to brighten your mood today.

Much love & gratitude,

Toni xx

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