• Toni Kenyon

Today I'm grateful for...

Today I’m grateful for my cat, Freyja.

She drives me nuts at dawn when she meows at me to get up and feed her--which I ignore by the way--but it doesn’t stop her doing it.

We play the same silly game every morning. I think she’s just letting me know that it’s nearly time to get up and put some fresh food in her bowl :-)

After the yarling session, or even a ‘pounce’ on my feet--which is not appreciated when Freyja has sharp claws and I’m only sleeping under a thin sheet--it’s back to ‘dozing’ (for both of us) until we decide to get out of bed.

I wouldn’t be without my furry little bundle of love.

There’s something really special about being greeted first thing in the morning by solid purrs of appreciation and plenty of cuddles.

Yours in love & gratitude,

Toni xx

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