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Do you want to eat healthy, home grown food, but you just don't think it's as easy as everyone says it is?

I got tired of looking around and seeing so many people who wanted to start a vegetable garden in their back yard, but were scared to begin because they thought it was going to be hard, or they had to work every day on it, or they felt like they needed a huge garden to be able to feed themselves.

I decided that there wasn't enough information available to help people start a productive garden with little real effort.

So I decided to build it. Let me explain the why’s, what’s and how’s right now.

Life Love & Lettuce is Designed for busy people who care about where their food comes from.

Have you ever thought that it would be wonderful to be able to pop out into your garden, pick a few leaves of lettuce, collect a few herbs and maybe a carrot, or cucumber or some tomatoes and then make yourself a beautiful fresh salad?

Did you get discouraged because everything you read about how to go about starting a small vegetable plot talked about 'double digging' or 'removing the turf and leaving it in a pile under a tree to breakdown into mulch' and you thought that was too much work?

Or you read about hydroponic systems, or greenhouses or hoop houses and you just got lost and discouraged?

Well, I have the solution and it's a simple solution. Nature likes to keep things 'easy' it's how she rolls....

Life Love and Lettuce Was Specifically Designed for YOU (and here’s why)

No more double digging, or removing of turf, or hydroponics or hoop houses (well, you can have one of those if you like, but it's absolutely not necessary).

Life Love and Lettuce is all about helping you to learn how work with nature's systems instead of against her.

When you play 'nice' with nature, she rewards you with her wonderful bounty.

I've practised no-dig gardening for nearly a decade now. It's the best thing that I ever did for my gardening journey.

Just over seven years ago, we moved to a newly built home and all I had to work with was a scraped bare section of clay. *shudder* It was horrible.

We had two dogs at the time and it was the beginning of spring. The 'rainy season' in New Zealand. To say that the back garden was a 'mud bath' was an understatement. It was a bath of brown and orange clay, with a smattering of what used to be sub-soil scattered over the top. *shudders again*.

In an attempt to ensure that the white (yes white!) golden retriever did not go the same colour as the brown staffie, we employed a garden landscaper to add top soil, chicken poop (you want to see stuff grow...add aged chicken poop!) and then roll ready lawn over the top of the whole mud bath.

We figured once we had the blank pallet of a lawn to deal with, we could go from there and we didn't have to worry about the dogs traipsing that entire mud bath into our brand new home.

So, I have experience of turning lawn into gardens.

I've never dug the soil here.

I've built up layers on top of the grass that we originally laid and created an abundant food forest.

All the trees I have planted have a purpose. They either provide us with something to eat, the birds (and chickens) with something to eat, or they create habitat. The one exception to my rule is the magnolia tree, I simply had to rescue her when the neighbours threw her out into the local reserve to die. The magnolia tree rewards me (for my act of good faith) by providing shade (when we had no other tall trees to provide shade) and she gives us beautiful scented flowers, that our bees love.

I believe that it's every person's right to have available to them good, nutrient rich food that hasn't travelled miles to get to them.

When you pick a vine ripened tomato from the plant, or pluck lettuce leaves from plants that you've grown yourself, or pulled a fresh carrot from the warm earth, you can taste the difference.

There is absolutely nothing like knowing that the food you're eating was growing in the garden less than an hour before you are eating it.

The flavour is amazing. The texture is nothing like the texture from the food you purchase at the grocery store.

The food is nutrient dense and full of vitamins and minerals that haven't leached out during the storage and transportation process.

And bonus: it feels like you're actually eating free food!

I want to help you learn to grow not only wonderful fruit, vegetables and herbs in your own back yard, but I want to show you how easy it is to do this, when you're working with nature, instead of against her.

Are you ready?

Wander the pages of my blog and come share the bounty of my garden and learn how you too can grow great food for pennies a day.


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