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February in a backyard food forest

We've been harvesting peaches like mad people over the last week. Over 12 kg stewed and now in the freezer!

We stewed 4kgs of plums as well and have just finished up eating the last of them.


The chooks and the bees are doing their thing *grin*

The chooks have been off the lay a little with the heat, but we've had a wonderful number of (beautiful blue eggs) this summer. I'm not going to talk about how many of them went 'clucky'!

I love my bees. They've been busy collecting nectar and pollen and I'm sure that they're the number one reason (aside from chicken poop...) that we've had so many fruit on all our trees.

We'll be harvesting some more honey next month, so keep an eye out for that post.

Some of the leaves on the stone fruit trees are starting to turn brown. I guess they've done their dash for the year and they're starting to think about going to sleep for the winter.

Grapes haven't been so fantastic this season and we've had mildew for the first time ever. I blame the mushroom farm we were growing under them this spring!

The birds are still eating the grapes though and we've got about another 30 bunches on the vines that have been saved from the birds by being covered by little green bags. A fantastic idea.

The ants have driven me nuts this summer and I'm struggling because I can't use insecticides because of my bee hives... I'll be hitting the ant nests hard over winter and hopefully that will help. Home made borax bait in tiny little stations around the garden (that the bees can't get into) is my only solution.

I love my hoop house and the tomatoes have become triffids! *quality problems* I spend hours in there hand watering, planting new seedlings and practically watching things grow right in front of my eyes. Hence the triffid tomatoes.

We eat something out of the garden every day and for that I'm really grateful.

What have you harvested this month?

February in a backyard food forest


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