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April Tour of the Hoop House

Welcome to my hoop house!

Come and take a walk with me through my backyard hoop house.

I'll show you what I'm growing and talk about what I'm learning with my first season of growing in the hoop house.

Lots of people have asked me to share what we're doing on our small 518sqm urban garden--so here you go. The garden isn't perfect (and it's never going to be) but we're loving the process of turning our urban back yard into a productive and plentiful food forest.

We added the hoop house after the first Covid lockdown and we haven't looked back.

I'm loving the chance to grow things without the local possums and birds (and too many snails!) getting to my harvest before I do.

There's a lesson about pinching out herbs in this video and I've tried to share the varieties of plants I'm growing (including botanical names where I have them).

I've also shown you how I'm growing my seedlings for my autumn garden.

You can also see how my tomato plants have become triffids! Some mornings I've been terrified to open the door--between the bean tendrils getting a hold of me and the tomato plants ambushing me--who knew gardening could be so dangerous! hoop house tour
Out of control tomato plants!

We've actually grown an abundance of produce in this small space.

Questions for you: Have you ever thought about putting in a hoop house or a glass house?

If you enjoy this video, please remember to give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing to my fledgling channel.

I love sharing on my blog, but I'm also aiming to make a video a month for you talking about what's been happening in the garden.

Happy Gardening!

Love Toni x


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