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Spring is in the air

As I write this, there is only a couple of days of the New Zealand winter left, before spring is upon us.

The produce in the photograph has just been picked and has grown, out in the open and through the cool of the winter in my back garden. We are blessed to live in a temperate part of the country, that suffers from very few frosts over the winter months and the ground rarely reaches below freezing.

This is good for growing outdoors, but not so good for killing off all the pests and diseases that would ordinarily be killed by the cold. While harvesting the above, I found a number of tiny lizards scampering through the bark and leaf litter and a couple of self-sown tomatoes that had somehow managed to overwinter and were now in flower!

We have been subjected to record rain over the month of August. So far it has rained every day for the last 29 days straight. Not all day at least, but there has been some rain every single day.

Rain is, of course, a much needed commodity with the warmth of spring on the way and I'm looking forward to getting out the seedling trays very soon and rescuing the seed packets from the dark of the cupboard.

It's always an exciting time, sorting through the seed packets and deciding what to sow.

I'll let you know next week exactly what I have planned for the spring garden.

Yours in love & gratitude,

Toni xx

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