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How does your garden grow?

It has been an absolute bumper crop this year for us in the fruit department.

We’ve been fighting with the local bird population over our plums and our grapes. Personally, I don’t mind sharing, but when I walk outside and there’s almost a dozen blackbirds and thrush in the trees, I’m afraid I have to draw the line.

My dearest hubby rescued the last of the green grapes last weekend and now we have a small orchard of fruit in our fridge for us to bring out as and when we need it.

It’s actually amazing how long fresh off the tree/vine fruit will store in the fridge.

Of course, because it’s homegrown it’s extra tasty!

The birds still haven’t worked out where their on-tap supply of grapes and plums have gone. As I type this, I can still hear them all calling to each other as they run up and down the fence line checking the trees and the vines for more summer supplies.

I love having the birds and I do encourage them by putting out water. In return, they keep my garden reasonably clear of snails and slugs--but at this time of the year, they’re particularly partial to the fruit that is ripening.

The next job is to keep them away from the ripening apples!

Wish me luck...I’ll probably need it.

I’ll keep you posted.

Yours in love & gratitude,

Toni x

I talk about eating fresh fruit and vegetables in my course, “Attitude of Gratitude”. You can check it out here.

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