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It's all about the morning habit...

It’s all about the morning habit--and I’m not talking coffee here!

If you know me (and you should be getting to know me by now) you’ll know that I’m all about the routine.




It’s my go to war cry.

So, with your new morning game plan figured out, now’s the time to not only put it into action, but now it’s time to make this puppy your new morning routine. You may be asking me, but why is this important? And my answer would be, because you want to make sure your new and carefully laid plan happens without fail.

Making it a routine is the best way to make sure of that desired outcome.

We’ve talked about routines before...but just a little reminder.

Before something becomes a habit or a routine, it takes a lot of willpower to put it in place, but once your new routine is set, it will be as automatic as brushing your teeth before you hit your bed at night.

Don’t be afraid to ‘tweek’ your morning routine if it’s not quite right yet, because once you have it nailed, you’ll find that you no longer have to remind yourself to do each thing along the way. It will have become a habit and a routine you’ll follow automatically.

Stick with your new morning routine for a few weeks (because sticking with it is the best way to get into a new routine and habit) and it won’t be long before it feels like your new normal.

Keep an eye out for those tricky moments when you’re inclination is to slip back into your old habits. I can assure you, it will happen--it happens to the best of us. The key is to see it coming early and get back to your new routine as soon as you can.

So, for example, let’s say you’ve been getting out of bed half an hour earlier and doing meditation and yoga before you start your day. Then one day you just can’t get out of bed when the alarm goes off and you miss a day. Or maybe you get a cold and you have a couple of days off work and everything gets out of whack. You know what? Life happens. For you and your new routine, what’s most important is what you decide to do the next day.

Get up on time and start over. It’s that simple.

Do what you can as soon as you notice a disruption getting in the way of your new plans. Maybe you can close your eyes and meditate in bed if you’re sick. Or do a couple of stretches on the mat instead of a whole routine.

The most important thing is to get back on track with your new routine as soon as you can. Actively remind yourself that you’re starting again tomorrow. If you never give up--then you can’t fail.

You’ll be so glad that you persisted when you see the results that your new morning makeover is bringing to your life.


Toni x

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