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Gratitude for another sober day

Today, I am 19 years sober.

Even to write that is such a miracle.

I don't share this to brag, but to let you know that if you don't drink with me today, you too can stack day after day, which becomes week after week, which becomes month after month and then year after year.

It only feels like yesterday that I struggled to not drink. I couldn't manage a day, so I broke it down into hours--there were a couple of days there when I had to break it down into 15 minutes at a time--but I didn't drink! for those 15 minutes.

The road is hard.

Life is hard.

But being clean and sober is so worthwhile.

If you're struggling today please know that, "I won't drink with you today."

Much love, Toni xxx

If you want to read the story of my struggle, it's a fictionalised version, but it is still my truth, you can find "Pushing Up Daisies" here:


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